Some of our friends and neighbors might be a little distant from the benefits of composting.  It may be possible however to slowly introduce the use of waste products in a positive way to them.  Let’s call it “The Art of Composting”.

One of our neighbors collects compost and drops it off into our green compost bin.  The composter in the photo gets so heavy that it is hard to turn on the rollers.  Worm castings are very heavy.  I aerate the bin with a little aquarium air pump twice each day.  The pump works on a timer.

All of the Square Foot Gardens in the yard use no soil.  Each spring, I just add compost.  The original soil less mix is: 1 part vermiculite, 1 part peat moss or coconut core and 1 part of five different types of compost.

With this rich organic compost mix, no need for pesticides in our Square Foot Gardens.  Pests pick on weak plants.



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