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From anti-vaxxers to climate change deniers to Covid-19 scoffers, fact-resistant humans are everywhere and they are wreaking havoc on society. When did people become so distrustful of scientists and professionals? When did humans start opting for non-professional propaganda that panders to their opinions and long-held beliefs? At times, these people are just a nuisance, like the flat-Earthers. Everyone’s free to believe what they want, right? But in the middle of a pandemic, denying science is a serious issue. What is causing this and how do we address it?


It’s not hard to notice the parallels between science resisters and their political affiliation. According to a 2019 Pew Research Survey “More Democrats (43%) than Republicans (27%) have “a great deal” of confidence in scientists” and “Most Democrats (73%) believe scientists should take an active role in scientific policy debates.” It’s especially evident when discussing climate change, a topic consistently denied or…

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