I was on a zoom session today with people who want to reduce waste in our town.  Thank you Janice McPhillips and Ann Morin for setting up the forum.  It was excellent.

I have been thinking for days about composting for less or with reuse.  There are many composting products that are expensive.  There are some that are very nice, durable and last a long time. If you are just getting started and want to see if this will work for your family, this is an inexpensive way to get started.

I made this compost barrel today in my basement.  Several years ago I found this barrel at our town dump.  The bottom was broken.  For a while I planted vegetables in it.  I change Square Foot Gardening beds.  I didn’t recycle it but stacked under the porch.

The bottom of the barrel had already removed.  I made two cuts in the front for a door so that composted material from the bottom can be removed and shoveled to the top opening.  This will help aerate the compost and will move the microbes to the top.  After the shoveling process the flexible door can be released to hold the composting material back in place.

Since I have a lot of composting equipment here on a small piece of property, I do not have a need for another composter.  I will be giving this homemade compost container away to the first person to request it who was on our remote zoom session.

Reduce – Reuse – XXXXXXX some things




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