I think the Mel’s Mix may be too rich. My Dad had great carrots (sandy soil). Cristian in Honduras is growing carrots on the worst land that I have ever seen.

In Honduras American and international companies took over the land. They gave people jobs but at pennies on the dollar. When the fertile soil was gone they moved their fields. That is why it is so essential for the people to learn about composting. That is why Square Foot Gardening will work so well as Cristian develops a new horticulture brand through composting.

In the photo those are carrots growing. Terrible soil. But those are growing and my carrots are pathetic. We has wealthy Americans throw away the carrot tops. Did you know that there is the same amount of vitamin C in the tops as in the carrots? The way to use them in cooking is to blend them in soup, stir fry or smoothies. With so much hunger around the world we need to teach about nutrition. That is what San Yves is all about.


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