At Hingham High School’s “Green” activities have become a standard for the school and the town.  The students at the school celebrate National Recycle Day.   In addition there are “Green Week” activities each Spring .  The school has also received commendation from the U.S. Department of Education for being a “Green Ribbon School” in 2015.

Hingham High School also has a club called the Green Team.  Members of the club role up their sleeves, promote Green activities and set an example for sustainable stewardship throughout the school system and the town.

Students, teachers and administrators have reduced the trash pick up at the school by thirty percent.  The success of this program has been realized in the following ways:  1. Change of food trays from Styrofoam to cardboard (the cardboard is composted or recycled),  2. The composting of food waste,  3. A competition called “Slash the Trash” between athletic teams and clubs during each season to promote reduction, reuse, composting and recycling.

Right now the Green Team is working hard to get students to bring food and drink in reusable containers.  The school has a hydration station where students can refill reusable water bottles for free.

The photograph shows simple composting cylinders where food waste is composted. It is sifted and then returned the earth to enrich garden soil.



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