My wife and I were at a language conference in L.A. and we were winding down at the bar.  We met a very personable lawyer who was in town representing Monsanto Chemical Company.  He was from the Philadelphia and had been working there for seventy six days and counting.


Monsanto was fighting a law suit.  The Company was being sued for making and distributing a chemical that had been proven to be a carcinogen.  The Company’s defense is that at the time that they sold this particular item, they did not know that it was a health hazard and therefore should not have to take responsibility for the dangerous content and the liability.

Recently the World Health Organization declared Roundup a probable carcinogen.  The herbicide glyphosate is the active probable harmful ingredient found in Roundup.

You can read the entire blog that speaks to this issue by copying and pasting the following link.


2 thoughts on “The Enemy

  1. Good article today in the Sarasota paper about the ills of round up. Of course I use it, we have brick pavers around parts of our driveway and it does the work. My gardens however I hand weed, a continuing process that keeps me busy all year but I actually enjoy it, outdoors, quiet, not taxing, whatever.

    I just got a text from the guy who helps me in Middletown who says it is snowing today, no break.

    I’ll send some pictures when I get home in mid April if there is no snow. Lee says if there is we are flying back to Florida. Welles

    Sent from my iPad – Welles R Guilmartin


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