The Organic Key

Making compost is a sustainable process.  Students at our Honduras Hope Dorm are developing organic gardens.  They make compost and are growing food to be used as a nutritional base.

Their next project will be to bring this technique to their mountain village and teach their families to grow without chemicals.  The students at the Dorm are champions.


The WordLadies do many interesting composting projects.  You should check them out.

worm balance

Students at the Randolph Community Middle School and Point Webster Middle School mass ( weigh ) the worms as a part of a Bottle Biology composting project.  Red Wigglers in ideal conditions digest 50% of their body mass daily. Worm casting can sell for as much as $ 120.00 for a 5 gallon bucket.

The most important factor for most of us is that vegetables grow very healthy and harvests are large when growing in this medium.