The Organic Key

Making compost is a sustainable process.  Students at our Honduras Hope Dorm are developing organic gardens.  They make compost and are growing food to be used as a nutritional base.

Their next project will be to bring this technique to their mountain village and teach their families to grow without chemicals.  The students at the Dorm are champions.

Raw for Smoothies

Raw herbs and vegetables will provide maximum nutritional value for your diet.  All of the ingredients on the counter have been grown in compost, (mostly worm castings), coconut coir and vermiculite.


From left to right:  frozen wheatgrass, moringa leaves, celery, spearmint, kale, beet greens and parsley.  Delicious when added to frozen organic blueberries and frozen mango.  I also add ginger, turmeric, flax seed, flax seed oil, unsweetened coconut, cinnamon.  I use almond milk or soy milk and some Trader Joe’s yogurt.  Thinking about adding a little garlic tomorrow. Substitute a smoothie like this for breakfast and watch the pounds disappear.

Venezuela -Starvation

Why should you set an example?  The story in this link tells an interesting story.

That is why we are teaching the children in Honduras to grow organically.  I often tell people that trying to convince adults about scientific gardening is like talking to a brick wall.  We are all vulnerable based on drought, GMOs and conflict.  Where does you food really come from and how far does it need to travel in time?

Food Sources

Genetically modified organisms, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides.  They are probably all used to grow tomatoes in Honduras.


This little boy will probably eat whatever he is fed.  The dilemma comes down to something that is very simple: hunger.  What would you tell that little boy about  eating that tomato?


Zika Virus – Garlic

Recently I have read that spraying liquid garlic in the yard will keep mosquitoes away for thirty days.  Articles state that mosquitoes have a sensory mechanism that is ten thousand times more sensitive than that of humans.  A gallon of liquid garlic sells for $ 84.00 on Amazon.


People in Central and South America are currently vulnerable to the Zika virus.  Our students in Honduras will have an opportunity to grow garlic and place the plants in their houses at night.  Once we have stems on the garlic plants, we will be able to grind them up and produce a liquid which may help protect the people from mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus.

If anyone has more insight into this subject it would be helpful for me to better understand the potential of various techniques.


Don’t You Dare Try It

Keep doing what you are doing because for you there may be no time for gardening.

How do living things grow to full their potential?  Can we avoid thinking about this as we prepare, plant and harvest a garden?  Can we apply some of these principle to other aspects of life?


The Chinese say: “If you want to be happy for a day, get drunk; a week, kill a pig; a month, get married; for life, be a gardener.”

D is for

My thinking is evolving as to the things that I need to plant in our Square Foot Garden.


During a recent trip to Atlanta, my wife and I stopped by two juice bars and they were selling detoxification drinks and smoothies.  They purchase the organic vegetables from an organic farmer –  what does organic mean at the farm where they are getting their vegetables.   How far does it travel before getting juiced and how long does it stay in the bottle before you drink it.  Enzymes are an important part of nutrition and they are fragile.  These drinks are expensive.

I am going to list the ingredient juice companies use that we can all grow ourselves and be sure they are organic, travel from your SFG to the juicer/blender and are consumed almost immediately.  They are: kale, beets, carrots, cucumbers, celery, spinach, parsley, romaine, dandelion, mint, cilantro, cayenne pepper, jalapeno, wheatgrass.

When you add organic apples, pears, coconut, pineapple and blueberries they become more affordable because most of the ingredients come from your back/front yard. Send along your favorite smoothie receipts and I will post them.