Garden Art

Sometimes it is difficult to get members of the family involved in our gardens. Julia posted on her blog an interesting idea from the Children’s Museum.

I would enjoy seeing gardens from the creative minds of children. When you send the photos to me, I will post some of them to exhibit the “Lens of a Child”. You might share with the child ideas as a stimulus for this project. Or, just give them your cell phone. Try to learn what your child sees: germination, pollination, seed development (seed savers), flowers just before the vegetable develops, harvesting, the family garden or the vegetable on the dinner table. You can teach your child a lot of science in a garden.


Garden Art

The Botanical Gardens in San Antonio is one of the most beautiful that I have ever walked through.  The theme right now is art using Legos.


Send to our blog the types of art that you may have photos.   We would love to share with our readers.

Think about doing Garden Art with your students in their school gardens.