Coronavirus 19

During this time when we are stuck at home, just maybe there are some things that we can do to improve the environment.

Through this blog I will share some ways that actions speak louder than words.  These might be interesting projects for parents or grandparents to share with children.  Or older kids can just get involved in planet fitness.

Do you compost?  Why not?  Why not try and reduce the waste stream?  The waste from food represents about 22 % of what is thrown away as trash.

I will post eight different ways to compost through this blog.  I would like you to share with us when you decide to get involve with a composting project.  You can share on this blog as comments and I will enthusiastically post some of the projects that are being developed.

YouTube is a great place to get ideas.

My neighbor uses a technique that takes a little bit of space.  He starts with one heap of compo-stable materials and when that is filled he starts another and lets the first one mature.  He uses lots of worms that seem to do well surviving New England winters in the compost heap.  You can see in the photo that the first pile is ready to be sifted ready for use in the garden.  He does not spend much time turning the compost which would oxygenate the microbes and speed up the composting process.   However, this process works very well for him.