Teach the Children

We live in an affluent community. Composting for many seems to be too time consuming, too not cool, too many other things to do like workout at the gym. I think we can skip the adult generations so let’s teach the children.

Recently I did a workshop with a k to 5 Green Team in our Town. The students were truly engaged. They filled two Earth Machine composters with leaves in twenty minutes. And they are smart. Those kids knew about carbon footprints, molecules and photosynthesis. Teachers at the Foster School seem to be doing a great with environmental education.

The time is now to carbon sink.

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Home Studies

Annabella and her Dad are picking up a retrofitted composting container.  They will be composting at home soon.  Classes on horticulture start tomorrow.  Her Dad is taking on the role of teacher.  Annabella is a student at the Foster Elementary School in Hingham, Massachusetts.

The family already has Mel Bartholomew’s book Square Foot Gardening.  Tomorrow home school classes start for Annabella and her younger sister.  The classes will partly focus on horticulture.  I believe that science, technology, engineering, art and math – STEAM can all be taught through horticulture.  You might even want to add reading and writing to the mix.

For me this is very exciting because it means hands on learning and applied STEAM principles.  When school is in session, Foster students get to work with educators / farmers at the Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset.