Leadership – A Commitment to Green

Hingham High School is a Green School.  It just didn’t happen.  Principal Rick Swanson has been the backbone of this movement.  However, his leadership has gathered support from faculty, custodians, students and parent groups.  His contagious demeanor draws others to this green movement.

While I sat in Green Team meetings as a community member while he was assistant principal, I was always impressed with how he let students lead.  If direction was needed, he would ask questions.  From my experience students need guidance.   His love and respect for students pulled from them the desire to be committed to a green wave at Hingham High School.

I wasn’t in attendance from the beginning but what I saw were students participating in: America Recycles Day, Green Week,  Slash the Trash, a Green Team bulletin board, Friday TV broadcast on sustainability and much more.  More, because as a former educator, I know that the seeds have to be planted along the way, one student at a time.  The exciting part was that students were developing useful life skills.

Mr. Swanson is an environmental leader.  His home composting and raised bed gardening is an example of how his deeds make him a person that leads by example.  (photos below)


Now during coronavirus19, there is challenge while students wait to get back to school.  There is a window of opportunity for students to build their own composting system.  Students might want to start germinating seeds for spring gardens.  During this difficult time we are starting to better understand what food security really means.  Gardening projects at home or at community gardens can help us develop skills for sustainable living.