Teach the Children

We live in an affluent community. Composting for many seems to be too time consuming, too not cool, too many other things to do like workout at the gym. I think we can skip the adult generations so let’s teach the children.

Recently I did a workshop with a k to 5 Green Team in our Town. The students were truly engaged. They filled two Earth Machine composters with leaves in twenty minutes. And they are smart. Those kids knew about carbon footprints, molecules and photosynthesis. Teachers at the Foster School seem to be doing a great with environmental education.

The time is now to carbon sink.

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Big Pharma

Time Magazine:


I certainly cannot put myself in the position of all Americans or especially for those in impoverished countries right now.  This pandemic is terrible.

I think many of us have to come to the realization that Nature is Angry.  From an environmental stand point, I think internationally we have a lot to be concerned about.

People are stressed and according to Time Magazine, pharmacies are getting richer.  I think many would agree, that if people get out, exercise a little and do something for the environment that some of the stress might go away.

Today there were some posts on A Sustainable Hingham.  Some members took a walk and picked up trash on trails.  My neighbor will sleep well tonight because he was planting trees.  The plantings look beautiful.  I spent some time making Mel’s mix, sifting compost and worm castings.

It is a difficult time for most.  I hope some can find options for stress relief in a holistic way.  For those nurses, doctors, attendants and people working for essential businesses right now; your are the best.  Be safe.




Environmental Chaos

The question is: with some self serving officials in our government, what can each of us do to impact our environment because many of them are not on a path to understand the science or help fix global environmental issues?

Actions speak louder than words.  In this environment of the coronavirus19, we should be stuck at home with less to do than we might like.  This presents an environmental opportunity.

Composting is a good way to impact planet earth right now.  You will reduce your waste stream by 22 percent.  Even as important, your garbage will not stink up your trash barrels.  If you take your trash to a land fill, you won’t have to go as often because of these two issues: (odor and volume).

With the composting method in the photograph, I am using a small fish tank pump to aerate the compost.  The pump comes on twice a day for 30 minutes.  Because the micro-organisms use oxygen to do their job, oxygen must be available to keep them effectively decomposing.  Traditionally, people turn the compost bin to aerate the compost materials.  This barrel gets too heavy to turn when half full.   The small pumps are very efficient.  However we are currently working with a solar company to solve the electricity use problem with a 12 volt solar pump.