The Enemy – Monsanto

“Monsanto is working toward a planned 2016 commercial launch of “Round Up” ready 2X Tend  soybeans”


What does that mean?

The Round Up herbicide that Monsanto would like to use currently kills soybean plants.  They are creating a GMO that can survive the poison.  It is almost ready.

Where did I find this?  Successful Farming – Mid February issue.  I read Successful Farming twice each month. As I turn the pages I become more committed to Square Foot Gardening.  Please understand that those large farmers want to earn six figures too.  They are not going to do it without poisons and immigrants.

We need to teach our children about organic, heritage plants and grow local.  You need to inform yourselves about the poisons that we have been feeding your families.


“The Dirty Dozen” – Dr. Maywald

A few days ago I spent a good deal of time with Dr. Chrostoph Maywald, D.C. a chiropractor and friend.  He also specializes in sports therapy.  Several years ago he did several clinics for our tennis teams at Quincy High School.  The entire school couldn’t win much of anything on the athletic fields.  The student / athletes were so frantic to win that they forgot about playing each point, one at a time.  The next year after his training our team team qualified for the state tournament.

Dr. Maywald’s mind darts from one wellness area to others.  His life has been one of discovery and providing wellness.

He introduced me (the Square Foot Gardener) to “The Dirty Dozen”. This is a list of foods most commonly contaminated with pesticides.

In addition, we read about the super food kale and yet a 2008 test revealed that “some samples were contaminated with two organophosphates – chlorpyrifos and oxydemeton-methyl”.

Some fruits and vegetables metabolize chemicals more readily than others.  Therefore as you look at the list in the above URL, you will know what to eliminate from you non-organic shopping list.  The solution – spend a lot of money on organic or just grow it: 1 Square Foot at a Time.  

It is good to have doctors who look after their patients in a holistic manner.


The above photo is a typical SFG that you too can grow organically.

Fruit Fly Solution


Fruit flies are a sign of the season. As we visit our favorite farm stand, buy from a major grocery store or harvest from our gardens, fruit flies are a reality for most of us. Much of the fruit we buy is shipped prior to being completely ripe and keeping it out for some extra color usually means fruit fly trouble.

As a former biology teacher and department chair of science, we received complaints from teachers all over the school about our experiments producing fruit flies. Each spring I would initiate a contest among the students to see who could design and build the most efficient fruit fly trap. It was great fun and with so many students trying to win the contest we enjoyed consistent success.
For those of us who are not design oriented, I have discovered a simple and effective way without spraying poison. (There is a fruit fly strolling across my screen as I write this blog.)

I use a cup or shallow glass. Put two ounces of wine vinegar into the glass. Finally squirt a little liquid dish washing detergent into the container. You will be amazed how well it works. You can substitute red wine or cider vinegar if that is what you have on hand.
Good luck and there is no need to get rid of your kitchen compost container because the problem can be solved quite easily.

The Strawberries Tasted Like


On our return from Honduras we stayed in Miami for the evening.  There are few flights from Honduras and the late night arrivals into Boston didn’t work for us. We had a nice waterfront experience and the Miami Heat had fans cheering at the bars and restaurants.

We stayed at a Marriott and the woman at the front desk offered us a free breakfast.  After many meals of chicken, eggs, rice and beans in Yoro, I decided to load up on fruit.  The strawberries looked ripe, big and delicious.  I am such a fool.  Yes, the strawberries tasted no better or worse than cardboard.

Don’t expect fruit and vegetables from your Square Foot Gardens to compare in size to those at Stop and Shop or at the Marriott.  Genetically, strawberries are not supposed to be that gigantic.

Just be sure to take the time to enjoy your naturally grown harvests.  We can all do this; One Square Foot at a Time.