When I fill the Britta water filter at home the chlorine gas fills the air with a foul stink. I think the Town is putting extra chlorine in the water during the pandemic.

We can all filter the water that we drink. However when you spray plants from a hose the chlorine goes into the soil and kills the microorganisms. Those microbes build organic complex structures. Rain barrels are useful for eliminating the chlorine that kills those microbes. If you don’t have a water barrel you can eliminate some of the chlorine and florid chemicals by spraying into a watering can first. The chlorine gas will be released. If your city or town is using a lot of chemicals in the water you will smell them right away. Take just one more step to grow organic healthy plants and spray the chemicals away.


2 thoughts on “Not just Water

  1. You are so right about the water We have the two houses. One is a well, the other city. My wife noticed the increased smell. We bring bottled water for drinking. Fortunately we don’t have gardens down there. Shrubs yes and some herbs but no real gardens.

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  2. Nice to hear from you. I’d like to be sailing but. Actually my neighbor is putting a sailboat in the water which he has encouraged us to use. He will be spending time on his Hinckley. Have a fun summer.

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