We live in a community south of Boston.  I recently did a small survey  involving residents who compost.   We were interested to know how much they were composting weekly.  Informally it seems that most people guessed that they compost a minimum of about 5 pounds of food waste per week.

Newburyport, Massachusetts has a pilot curbside composting pick up program.  They have measured the average amount of household scraps to be in the 10 to 11 pound range each week.  If this weight is closer to the real number than the small sampling that we had done, our town would save 260,000 pounds of trash per month  That equals  3,120,000 pounds of waste per year that would not have to be payed for.  That’s right, 1,560 tons per year.  If we multiply an estimated tipping fee of eighty five dollar per ton, what would Hingham taxpayers save?   Hingham could put that money into environmental education.  Maybe start thinking about saving our planet.

I have made a decision.  I believe that some politicians feel that they are making big picture decisions for environmental solutions.  I want the people who represents me to look at the little ways that they can contribute to global solutions.  I will be very cautious about voting for any politician who does not compost.  I will ask the question at greet and meet sessions as to weather the candidate presenting her or his political positions composts at home.

Composting doesn’t have to be a big hassle.  If students can do it, they might be able to teach some disconnected adults.  I believe: “Teach the Children to Teach Adults”.


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