I just wanted you to share the photo in order to show people reading this post the mechanics of how this rapid composting systems works.  The raised bed was given to me.  Now it will be used to make lots of compost.

When oxygenating compost materials, the results for good rich compost is accelerated.   Traditionally, people turn over the compost by hand and aeration helps the microbes digest plant material faster.  With this new concept, the air will be circulated through the white PVC pipe that is lying on the top of 2′ by 4’s.  In the beginning we will cover the aeration tubes with leaves.  Air will circulate during the day.  The energy for the pumping the air into the bed will come from the sun.

Food scraps will be placed at one end of the bed.  Decomposition will take place.  As the initial food scraps decompose, the new scraps and leaves will gradually accumulate toward to the other end of the bed .  When it completes the first cycle, the compost at the starting point should be ready to sift and use.

In addition to the aeration process, red wiggler worms will be doing their duty.  Worm castings are selling right now for $15.00 a gallon.   Keep in mind that this process means no fertilizers or pesticides.  Weak plants are the ones that get attacked by pests.  During the pandemic and uncertain times regarding food security, this might be the year to turn your thumb green.

This technique has been done successfully on a commercial level.  We feel confident that the same process can be replicated in a garden space.  The next post will show the composting bed as a working model.




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