When it comes to organic gardening I often feel that the key for success is our children.  They are open, enthusiastic and have fun growing things.  We are teaching math, science and technology through horticulture in Honduras.



The two pictures are almost identical.  One picture shows the best pepper crop that I have ever grown.  I use worm casting and the children at our Honduras Hope Dorm use worm castings.  The gardening technique is called Square Foot Gardening.  We are headed back to Honduras in November and our next project at the Dorm will be growing and the distribution organic Moringa.


2 thoughts on “Like Talking to Bricks

    1. I grow the red wiggler worms in several places around my house. In the winter I put them in my cellar in totes. Right now 5 gallons of worm castings cost $ 75.00 retail. The students at our Honduras Hope Dorm grow them as well. They shade them in the summer to reduce the extreme temperatures. The red wigglers can survive below 95 degrees and above 45 degrees.

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