Over the past couple of weeks I have been talking to people who question whether a 3 by 3 space can yield them meaningful garden produce.


It is not the square area that you plant in, it is the quality of the soil medium that is used. Big gardens can become overwhelming.  You might want to start off with something that is manageable and then expand it.  First of all make it enjoyable.

The pictures are of one 3 by 3 Square Foot Garden.  Tomatoes, kale, cucumbers and string beans all in one.


2 thoughts on “Yes, This Is Real!

    1. The worms castings make up 20% of the compost that I use. To purchase the worm castings it will cost $75.00 for 5 gallons. In a Square Foot 3 by 3 Garden it takes about two gallons if using worm casting. Some people can make their own compost without worms. It is not filled with the same quality of bacteria however that is a reasonable way to do this. Organic gardening is a lot of work. SFGs make it easier however getting started takes some money and effort. As I tend my own gardens I often think how easy it would be just to sprinkle chemical fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides. As I sometimes share vegetables from my gardens, I cannot give poison to my friends and neighbors. And I certainly will not do that to my family.

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