The fun with building your own smoothie is understanding what your body or your child’s body needs.  The receipt can and should evolve.   Making the smoothie from fresh herbs and organic fruits and vegetables will give you a sense of emotional wellness as well. The wheatgrass in the photo is grown in a small greenhouse off the side of our house.


For me ice is out.  Cold substances are not good for digestion so I don’t use ice.  I do use frozen fruit.  I believe that organic fruit that is frozen within hours of picking might be more nutrient rich than blueberries shipped from Chile.   In addition, what you put in it, must taste good for any of us to enjoy making it and for us to enjoy drinking it.

Basic ingredients that I use:  almond or coconut milk, yogurt, fruit ( blueberries are my favorite ). The ingredients that I grow organically and from worm castings include: wheatgrass, kale, spearmint, beet greens, parsley, celery, and basil.

Please comment on the ingredients that you might include in your smoothies and the health benefits that you are aware of.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Build a Smoothie

  1. Hello Peter; I also add a small secton of fresh ginger to give the smooties a bit of snap and freshness. It has also been proven to be an unti inflmmatory root similar to turmerick

    1. Anneli, Great to hear from you. Yes I use both. I do not use fresh ginger but plan to plant it soon. Our problem is that we are travelling all the time and I need some time to pay attention to the ginger. I am going to try fresh turmeric as well this year. Please advise me as to the how you plant your ginger. Thank you.

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