When I was a young person I would come home from school absolutely starved.  My mother was a great baker and so pie or cookies with a glass of milk satisfied that hunger until supper everyday at 5:30 sharp.




Things have changed drastically even just twenty years ago.  Many children return from school to an empty a house.  Some even open the door to electronic monitoring systems where parents can watch the house and children remotely.  So what about the cookies and milk?  We all know that cookies are not so healthy but what are common and quick alternative snacks?  Snacks fly off grocery store shelves in packages and are not what I consider real food.

Child obesity is a growing problem.  Lack of exercise can be blamed for some of our children’s weight issues however many nutritionists believe it all begins with diet.   It takes a lot of exercise to burn excess calorie intake.

I would like to encourage you to provide “real food” for your children as well as for yourself.  Smoothies left in the refrigerator might be a way to provide nutritious snacks to fill those empty tummies with your selection of whole foods.

Should you be in a ready mode to take control of you families’ diet, Square Foot Gardening may be for you.  You will then be filling that blender with fresh herbs and vegetables.  This is garden to tummies.  Me too, weight loss has been possible for me as I often drink smoothies when hunger strikes.


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