A Square Foot Garden doesn’t make much sense if the gardener doesn’t harvest the produce.  We happen to live in an affluent town where people can afford to purchase expensive organic food without batting an eye.  So where might their interest lie in square foot gardening?


A few weeks ago my wife and I were biking along the south coast in Massachusetts.  Out of curiosity we stopped by a smoothie bar.  I make my own smoothies and harvest many of the ingredients out of our Square Foot Gardens.  While talking with an employee, a customer came by to pick up two smoothies.  The employee set the smoothies on the counter (1 twelve and 1 sixteen ounce plastic cup) and swiped the ladies credit card for $ 22.75.  I was surprised that it cost so much.  I asked the young person what was in it and the person said: apple, kale, cacao, flaxseed, almond milk, yogurt and ice.

I looked around the simple kitchen area.  There was fruit in baskets, the kale, celery and spinach looked lifeless, a tray of wheatgrass and there were other dried ingredients in containers.  There was no wheatgrass in the smoothies previously mentioned

Even if you have more money than you will ever need, what might motivate you to grow a Square Foot Garden?


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