The staff at Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset, Massachusetts topped off their raised beds this year with seaweed.  Holly Hill is an organic farm that uses the facility to grow locally as well as provide instruction for children.


One of the instructor told me the other day that last year’s crop of garlic that was covered with seaweed, was much fuller and looked healthier than the beds of garlic not covered with seaweed.  Notice the seaweed that I harvested.

Wells is a long time friend of mine.  He found good success last year with his garden.  It takes time to figure out what is best for each of us however I am proud to say that he follows this blog and has tried some of the suggestions.

He also frequents the Connecticut shoreline so seaweed is a natural for him to pick up for his garden.  The tricky part will be to convince his wife that she will be returning home after a weekend with seaweed in the trunk.  Wells, you have all winter to buy her nice things and persuade her about the benefits of organic gardening.

2 thoughts on “Wells, Is the Answer – yes or no?

  1. Peter, sent off a check today. Next week I go to the shore and will fill a bag with seaweed and cover my planting area. I have taken the one foot gardening book with me to Florida. I have cleared an area about 3xmy last years area. I will build the proper frames next year. I have already pulled up some of my mix, all I have to do add vermiculite. I will get started earlier.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Welles

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    1. Wells,

      Good to hear from you. I appreciate your effort and buying into the holistic approach to wellness. Have a great winter in Florida. Good health and happy new year.


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