The administration fees for auditing the account as a nonprofit, printing and mailings are under 10% for Honduras Hope.  Your money goes directly to the cause. Each person that travels and serves pay their own expenses. Look at the graphic information and as you make donations this year. Consider the children of Honduras who have nothing.

Honduras Hope, P.O. Box 60, Franconia, N.H. 03580


5 thoughts on “We Have So Much

  1. Peter I will cut a check this week. Just late in getting them out. I have rules in my donations. First is how much goes to charitable purposes. I go to their 990’s.

    Do have one complaint to your list and that is the United Way. There is a difference between the National and local albeit whatever happens to the National does effect the local. Our local uses over 90% for local support, the 10% administration does include a national support.

    Also I never support national branding regardless of how I feel about their efforts. The only truly national gift is to Rotary International’s commitment to eradicate polio and other childhood diseases world wide. This commitment goes back to the early days actually first days of the effort. I have also supported their disaster relief program.

    They have an interesting method of commitments. The donation is set aside and invested for three years. The income from the investment is used to fund the administration. Then 100% of the funds go for the purpose. It also gives them years to balance funds available and commitment s.

    Happy Holidays Welles

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    1. Thank you Wells. Kathy and I appreciate your thoughts and generosity. I will be writing a post dedicated to you and your garden within the next few days. Have a great holiday with your family.

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