It is sad to see all of the damage in the Carolina’s from the flooding.  I am not sure how any community deals with two feet of rainfall.  However around the world we are just starting to think about water conservation.  A friend sent me an interesting article on water conservation in Israel.


Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are currently doing.  In most Massachusetts cities and town there are groups that sell and encourage the use of rain barrels.   In South Carolina the drinking water is contaminated and people are desperate to find potable water.  One rain barrel, and a Brita type water filter can provide a clean source of water from your roof.  Just as extra safety, the water can be boiled as well.

We currently use rainwater for our gardens.  In case of emergency we have an amble supply of water from eight rain barrels around the house.  You and I can ask government to find an expensive solution to water conservation or we might consider becoming proactive and a advocate for collecting water, reducing runoff and providing ourselves with an insurance policy if and when we experience a freak act of nature.


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