In Hingham, the town composts our leaves and other organic waste.  They do a great job.


In the picture my new neighbor Shaun is shoveling compost which I use as mulch.  At Lowe’s they charge $ 5.64 a bag for mulch.  Mulch in a bag is dyed and treated with weed preventatives.  Other ecological considerations are: the energy it takes to fill the bags at the mulch farm, trucking it to the store and bringing the empty plastic bag back to the dump as trash.  In our town most of the residents bring their trash to the dump so they are already there to fill the emptied containers which was originally stored the trash.

We also have a swap shop which is a big favorite.  The town just upgraded the facility and volunteers monitor the area so that people don’t over stay their welcome.

Encourage your town to get involved in reuse if they are not already doing it.


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