We just returned from Honduras.  The land in Yoro, Honduras and in the surrounding mountain communities lacks organic material and minerals.  There is no humus to be found.  With harsh rains and steep slopes, it is difficult to inhibit erosion.  I addition, army ants cut the leaves of trees into the shapes of perfect triangles and deposit their casting underground which provides nutrients for the trees.


With the hot sun and poor soil it is necessary to use chemicals to nourish the plants.  Unhealthy plants are subject to pest infestation.  Therefore it is necessary to apply heavy amounts of pesticides to assure the desired results.

For an environment like this, Square Foot Gardening is one solution.  Planting lots of gardens around the yards can provide a portion of the families’ food.  However compost is difficult to make in large quantities.  Spreading it over an extended area merely gives the plants a small dose of nutrients.  Putting a large amount into a confined area helps retain water, encourage root development and concentrate nutrients.

Square Foot Gardening can do the same for you.  It is amazing what can be farmed in sixteen square feet.  Changing crops throughout the season is also possible and easy as the weather changes as well as the amount of sun.  At each planting, simply add more compost.

You can do Square Foot Gardening as well.  Join us: 1 Square Foot at a Time.


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