HHS Green Team

Monday, April 13, 2015

7:15 AM, LMC Conference Room

Attendees: Brad Patterson, Gabby Parker, Erin Lynch, Lulu Wiley, Max Giarrusso, Jack Lemanski, Aiden Ryan, Frankie Forbes, Davis Goode, Michael Saleski, Peter Swanson, Rick Swanson, Lea Concannon, Kerri Mannion, Brenda Black, Colleen Collins, Theo Carr

Green Week Recap:  This year’s Green Week went great despite a few weather related complications.  Thanks to everyone who helped plan Green Week, everyone who participated, and all our sponsors for making it possible.  This year it appeared that there was an increased number of raffle tickets given away during lunch, which means more people were involved in going green.  To wrap up Green Week we will have to write thank you cards and take pictures for our sponsors and the Hingham Journal.  We would also like to give a gift to the janitors for their help and cooperation with all the events of Green Week.

Elections: As the year comes to a close for the seniors, it is time to start officer elections for next year.  Anyone who would like to run for an officer position must submit his or her applications to Mr. Swanson before the next meeting on May 4th.  Voting will take place in Ms. Perkins’ room throughout the following Friday (May 1st).  In order to be eligible to vote, you must have attended at least five Green Team events, i.e. meetings, trash clean ups, trail clean ups, ext.  If you have not attended five events, but you feel your input will be valuable, and you intend on being an active member of the club next year, write up a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) as to why you should be able to vote, and email it to Mr. Swanson before the 4th, and you may receive a ballot.  Mr. Swanson will determine eligibility to vote along with the graduating officers.

Beach Clean Up:  Due to poor weather, the beach clean up scheduled over Green Week has been postponed.  This will be a perfect opportunity for anyone who would like to vote who needs to attend one more event in order to reach the 5 events benchmark.  It is also a great opportunity to give back to the community and help the local environment.  Erin Lynch has volunteered to organize this event.  We hope to get at least ten people to attend

Lea is currently making a sign to support recycling textiles, as part of our transfer station deal.

We have still received only two t-shirt designs.  We hope to vote for a design when we vote for officers.  Please submit your design to Mr. Swanson as soon as possible.

The Bag Bill for Hingham has sadly been pulled.  The committee feels that it is best to postpone the bill, and educate people about it in the meantime.

We need a new volunteer to bring the bags of recyclable lunch trays to the transfer station each Friday since our current volunteer in graduating.  It must be someone with a lot of room in their car, preferably a truck.  The new volunteer would receive a parking space right outside the cafeteria doors.

Erin Lynch heard from Mr. Larsen that he has a mushroom growing system, which he would be willing to donate to the High School.  Mr. Larsen also works for an oil clean up group that would be willing to act as a sponsor for any future events.


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