I had a great afternoon at Allerton House in Hingham.  There is a real possibility that we may be able to start worm farming at Allerton.  The presentation on Square Foot Gardening was received with lots of enthusiasm.  Many of the people there have vegetable gardens that they tend however the location is less than suitable.  Summer plants need sun, sun and plenty of sun.  With the flexibility of raised Square Foot Gardens, finding sunny locations is not a problem with all the open space.


It is important that people learn to enjoy organic choices.  It is my hope that as residents at Allerton get involved, they will share their joys, insights and enthusiasm for the beginning of sustainable living with their love ones.

I will be posting as this evolves.  I hope that I will be able to do justice while sharing their enthusiasm for composting with worms and Square Foot Gardening raised thirty two inches off the ground.


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