A Square Foot Gardener sent me this article from the Boston Globe.  A must read.


The real issue is greed.  Once American industrial farmers find a glimpse of success in Cuba they will attempt to put a giant footprint on the Country and the people.  I have seen it first hand as my wife Kathy has successfully dragged me throughout most of South and Central America.

In Honduras, were we are currently working and teaching Square Foot Gardening, we spent one entire day in Yoro looking for anything that we could purchase that was organic.  We found nothing.

The picture below is an organic garden.   Children in Yoro, Honduras built this space using organic techniques.  They have just begun to build up the soil with composting techniques.


In Honduras, the Monsanto signs are boldly painted on the cement block walls and the people rely on chemicals to farm and to control pests and weeds. This too will become a way of life for farmers in Cuba as American money buys them out.


One thought on “Cuba

  1. Peter,

    The concerns that Greg Watson has struck a chord with me today and so with you, as I see it. I would have to wonder that, even with the best of intentions, the Cuban government and people will be able to deal with the crush of financial interests and capitalist jingo they will experience shortly.

    By chance, I am reading a bio on Gorbachev by Gail Sheehy (1990) and find it compelling, sensitive and illustrative of the problem. It seems that that the Russia Gorbachev inherited was probably much more retrograde and authoritarian, while Cuba is certainly more vulnerable to hemispheric interests and the old expectancies of many exiles to get-even.



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