This meeting was focused on Green Week, which is now upon us.  Here’s what we have going on each day:

Fossil Free Friday – March 27th

Close parking lot is open to any Juniors or Seniors with at least four people in the car.  The driver will receive a free bagel from Atlantic Bagel.  Student Council volunteers will be in the lobby at 7 to decorate with recyclable decorations.

Saturday – March 28th

Hingham Bathing Beach clean up at 11 am.  Feel free to come when you can! This will serve as a way to give back to the community while keeping the Green Week spirit alive over the weekend.  Earth hour is also this Saturday, from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. – don’t forget to shut off all your lights! (Note: This event was subsequently postponed due to weather conditions on Saturday).

Meatless Monday – March 30th

Sponsored by Peel Pizza.  Raffle tickets will be given out during lunch for anyone with a meatless meal.  The goal is to reduce meat consumption in the High School since a huge amount of methane and carbon waste results from harvesting meats.  Peel Pizza has donated three gift cards to give out during lunch.  Monday Freshman will be in charge of Slash the Trash.  They should have about 8 people at each lunch.

Treeless Tuesday – March 31st

Sophomores will be taking on Slash the Trash today.  Treeless Tuesday’s message is simple – use less paper, and recycle what you do use.  Teachers are encouraged to keep their handouts to a minimum on Tuesday.

Waste not Wednesday – April 1st

Wear your green today!! Waste not Wednesday is all about water conservation and waste reduction.  There is a limited amount of clean water on Earth, and it is important to pay attention to where and how you are using it.  Teachers will be monitoring tables at lunch giving out raffle tickets to anyone wearing green, or with reusable lunch packs.  Juniors have Slash the Trash Wednesday. Aquarion Water Company is sponsoring Waste not Wednesday.

Aquarion’s Water Conservation Quiz can be taken online at this site:

All students who take the quiz online by Wednesday (“Waste Not Wednesday”), April 1st, will be entered into a drawing to win gift certificates from Chipotle and Crow Point Pizzeria.

Switch off Thursday – April 2nd

On Switch off Thursday, teachers are encouraged to use as little electricity as possible, shutting off lights, projectors, and/or computers.  Students with studies will be teaching eight-minute lessons in other classrooms.  Anyone who is interested in teaching a lesson, write up a lesson plan and show it to Mr. Swanson before Wednesday.  Green Committee alumni Michael Page will be presenting in the auditorium as well, for any teachers who signed up.  Red Eye Roaster’s is Thursday’s sponsor, and they provided us with a gift basket to give to teachers who don’t use electricity.  Seniors wrap up the last of Slash the Trash for Green Week.

Farming Friday – April 3rd

Dress up as a farmer today to show your spirit on the last day of Green Week 2015!  This Friday will only be a half-day of school.  Holly Hill Farm will be helping out at the compost bins, and green house tours will be available to students (weather permitting).  Teachers will nominate the best-dressed student in the A period class.  Since there will be no lunch on Friday, logistics are still being determined for the dress up competition.

Also, thanks to Theo Carr for writing up a short message in the morning announcements for each day of Green Week!


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