greenhouse snow

Climate change is certainly a mystery.  Friends of ours were walking on our street the other day and said that they were considering Florida next winter.  Their thinking is pretty simple; another winter like this one is too much for them.  Others are concerned about drought this summer.  There are areas of the country that need rain.  Brazil is in a real crisis according to a recent article in the New York Times.

Drought is a financial issue when a lack of vegetable production makes food more expensive.  California will be sending less produce to the East Coast this spring.  And it will cost more.

Square Foot Gardening uses much less water.  The soil medium absorbs water extremely efficiently.  There is less area to water because the vegetation is concentrated in a smaller area.  The quality of soil medium isn’t spread over a large area.

Tomorrow is April 1st and we still have 3 feet of snow in parts of the yard.

No one expects a first year gardener to produce all the food one needs.  However, let get a start and find out how easy and fun it can be.


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