In our community we have a farm that is a CSA.  I volunteered on the farm one afternoon.  I said to an environmental intern from the University of Vermont that the soil appeared to me to lack organic composition.  I asked him how they successfully grow anything.  His answer: “fertilizer”.

This CSA and many others participate in the local farmers’ markets.  Many of us believe that if it is purchase at a farmers’ market it must be good.  I would like to encourage you to start small with a Square Foot Garden and see where it takes you.

One more point.  A Square Foot Garden can be an urban garden.  The only space it takes is a patio, a driveway or even a front yard.


2 thoughts on “Your Driveway

    1. You have made my day. Our purpose is to get people involved. One of the issues however for inexperienced gardeners is failure. Farming is not easy. However, the new gardener can get tips by contacting us. The solutions can be organic and simple. Gathering interested people to share is very important. My next blog will be on drought, something we can predict with global warming. Thank you

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