I am pleased that a former colleague of mine is in full swing with his SFG.  Some teachers are good however Paul was a great educator.

This is the first year for his square foot garden.  He has two properties where he is using the concept.  I like the balance displayed in the photo.

By the way, the weather is not cooperating in New England for vegetable or flower development.  Sun is essential for growth while heat is almost as important.  Cool temperatures really delay the ripening of tomatoes.  Those garden fresh tomatoes taste so good.Image

The exciting part is that Paul has friends following his lead.  This movement is not going to happen overnight but we are doing it One Square Foot at a Time.


One thought on “You Can Too!

  1. I have a feeling thag he is probably going to love gardening so much that he’ll at least double that area next year. I’d rather see someone try something and wish they’d done more than to see someone overwhelmed and giving up on gardening. Tomatoes have probably convinced more people to continue gardening than any other vegetable.

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