Double-cropping may be used now that global warming has become a reality in parts of the United States.  I learned this from an editorial in this month’s Successful Farming.

What does this mean?  Land that is already depleted of minerals will be more vulnerable.  Nutrient poor soil makes plants more susceptible to pests.  Farmers will need to use more chemicals on their crops.  With double-cropping the buildup of the chemicals in the soil will become more concentrated in the soil.  The end result is that your food supply will contain more contaminates.

Where does your food come from?  Kids and some adults will tell you that they come from the grocery store.

Square foot gardening is not an all or nothing opportunity.  It allows us understand what is going into the food that we harvest.  It also makes us more curious about the products that we buy at the market.  The SFG can be done in most urban areas or on a small space.  It will become an educational experience that tastes good.


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