Our farmland is polluted with years of spraying chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.  Many of the plants that we compost contain those same poisons.


So where can we turn?

The ocean is polluted as well but the massive amount of water allows for the chemicals to become diluted.  We must consider however the runoff from land and roadways as part of the calculation.

Using kelp seems to be a reasonable alternative.  The kelp I am holding in the photo is from Nantasket Beach in Hull.  Students at Quincy High School determined while preparing for a science fair that the kelp needs to be washed twice in order to reduce salt content for composting.  The salt was causing red wiggler worms to be lethargic without a couple of rinses.  The students also found that too much soaking reduces mineral content found in the kelp.

Students too can make a difference.  Having a great chemistry teacher as a mentor goes a long way.  Having a wonderful wife to walk the beach with gets me there.


2 thoughts on “A Kelp Walk

  1. Yup – you do have a wonderful wife! How about getting the students to come up up with a recipe for kelp hops or something?? Yummy. Off to Honduras on Th!! Hope we can meet up with you 2 when I get back.. Xxs

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