We were just a few days back from Yoro, Honduras.  My wife Kathy was cooking in the kitchen and it dawned on me that aroma is something that is missed in the restaurants that we have visited while in Yoro, Honduras.


( The first SFG is just for herbs. )

There are countries that we have visited where the fragrance from cooking is everywhere.   And, in other places aroma is hard to find.  Salt can often be a substitute for flavoring which is not so good for us.

Fresh herbs when purchased in the market are very expensive.   The shelf life of fresh herbs is limited.  So start now getting ready for spring.  Many herbs are resilient and can be planted early in a covered square foot garden.  As a part of a SFG, the necessary space is relatively small and you harvest only what you need.  Seeds can be saved for up to four or five years in some cases if kept in a cool dry place.  Many herb are perennials.

The time is now.  Place the seeds on a wet paper towel in a small enclosed container.  Once the roots and leaves pop open, transplant them.  They will be ready for their final transplant by the middle of March.


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