The group is doing so great things.  With lots of snow and school cancellations they remain committed to carry on their projects.  The notes are as follows:

DOT:  For the “Do One Thing” project this year, each grade will have a section on the wall, and will (potentially) have numbered DOTs so that they can be entered in a raffle.  Each month (or week) a student will be picked from each grade and will be awarded a cash prize on the Friday Show.  We also plan to incorporate our new social media sites into DOT with #DOTHHS.  This will help to spread the impact of the event.  Gianluca Nigro and Lea Concannon made an announcement at this week’s StuCo assembly to inform the student body about DOT, as well as other things the Green Team is up to.  To help further advertise “Do One Thing,” Slash the Trash participants will go from table to table with DOTs to have students fill out. Gianluca Nigro and Lea Concannon will organize the Do One Thing table in the cafeteria, and Erin Lynch and Max Giarrusso will be involved in cash giveaways in the front lobby on the first day of DOT: Monday, January 26th.

Transfer Station Update:   On January 10th, we collected $754 from the town’s returnables at the DPW.  This money was donated to our club for our volunteer service at Foundry Pond.  We are scheduled to collect these funds again in 2016.

T-Shirts:   Mrs. Mathews has designed some t-shirts for the Green Team, but we have opened up the opportunity to submit your own design to the whole school.  Submissions are due to Mr. Swanson before February Break. All submissions should be school appropriate and “green” oriented. The Green Team will award a “Green Spaces” parking spot for the remainder of the year (or a suitable replacement prize) to the student who submits the winning design.

Sustainable South Shore:      On January 26th, we will be hosting a conference with Sustainable South Shore in Room 103.  There will be a pot-luck dinner, and Cam Baker, Colleen Collins, Jared D’Entremont, Jake Dedien, Lea Concannon, Max Giarrusso, and Steven Kirk have volunteered to attend the conference and answer any questions.

Fun ways to spend our funds and bond:   Now that we have all this money in our club funds, we are looking for fun and environmentally oriented ways to spend it.  Some ideas that came up at the meeting included nature walks, or a trip to the Museum of Science. Erin Lynch, Natalie Gebhardt, and Lily Fernald have volunteered to further look into these ideas. They will deliver a detailed proposal at a future meeting.

Green Week:   Green Week will start on Friday, March 27th, and will run into the following week. Lea Concannon and Erin Lynch will be heading a sub committee for anyone who would like to focus on, and play a larger role in the planning of Green Week.  Since Green Week will fall into two separate school weeks, we plan to host environmental clean ups on the weekend in between, to keep the green spirit alive and well.

STT Update:   Currently, the girls’ hockey team is in first place with a total of 23 penalty points! The boys’ basketball team will have a shot to take the lead this Friday the 15th.  Sadly, the swim team lost their chance for the gold when only one lunch had members attending to the trash, and roughly 90 penalty points were accumulated. Student Council will continue to supervise the trash stations when no sports teams are scheduled.

Greenhouse:   On Monday the 19th Kerri Manion will be bringing some fresh produce from our greenhouse to a local food pantry.  She will need one more volunteer to help her out with this.  Let either Mr. Swanson or Kerri know if you are interested!

Thanking Local Companies:       Steven Kirk has been working with Peter Swanson to help thank our local businesses for the steps they are taking to help the environment.  Steven currently is in the process of producing the certificates to award the companies.

New Recycling at HHS:    Due to the reduction of non-recyclable and non-compostable garbage, we are now able to remove one of the two garbage dumpsters behind the school, and replace it with a single stream bin! We hope to figure out a system to recycle our milk cartons and clean lunch trays, without further complicating our trash stations.  If you have an idea for a new recycling system in the cafeteria, draw up a plan and submit it to Mr. Swanson.

(From last meeting) Website:

Our Green Committee website is now live!  You can access it at this link:, or from the “Clubs and Activities” tab on the HHS website.  The website features a survey, through which you can win parking at the close lot.

Next Meeting: Monday, February 9, 2015; 2:45 PM in the LMC Conference Room


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