My wife Kathy and I just returned from Yoro, Honduras.  We are working with two reservations of indigenous where the people don’t own their land.  The people live in very primitive houses and exist below the poverty level.  The group we work with is Honduras Hope.  Bill Briggs is the coordinator and has been working in Honduras for 30 years.  The group provides opportunities with nutrition, education, a medical clinic, a women’s cooperative, a culinary school and a dormitory form middle school and  high school students who live in the mountains with only a primary school in that community.


My primary interest and involvement in this project is to provide alternative and sustainable nutritional food sources for the people.  The indigenous people eat mostly rice, beans and corn.  The farmers use chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides; many of which are ban in the United States.  My vision is to teach the children who will gain scientific knowledge and horticulture skills in order to grow organically and enhance their dietary options.

I am attempting to let others know how Square Foot Gardening can provide an opportunity to grow nutritional vegetables and provide for themselves using organic practices.  Your support of Honduras Hope can help us build a strong base of understanding.  I want to encourage you to join our efforts by checking in on our Facebook page at HondurasHOPE.  Supporting one another with meaningful gardening practices will make a difference in the way we change our nutritional habits and provide an incentive for others to do the same.


4 thoughts on “HondurasHOPE – One Square Foot at a Time

    1. Thank you for your support and friendship. Last year we planted the gardens in Honduras in May which is a little late for that climate. You have rabbits that eat your lettuce, they have chickens that eat the seeds even before the plants germinate.
      We installed fencing around the gardens in Yoro last week and we will do the same to solve for your rabbit situation this spring.
      There is an electronic icon to contribute online.
      I am posting that url for others who read this blog and not necessarily you at this time. ( We will hopefully get to see you both once the snow stops piling up.) We would like to have donations earmarked for the Square Foot Gardens or the water purification initiative.
      Both you and John have been so very supportive. Thank you for your financial and emotional support.

  1. Peter,,

    I look out in the yard and St Francis is now up to his shoulders in snow, with the good fellow reminding us of our connection with the little guys in the yard. Yesterday, on our return home, regretfully, I found a “red squirrel” crushed by our garage door. This little fellow must have been trying to escape the garage as I closed the automatic door. He is a rare creature for our area and we have never seen another. Several years ago we had two black squirrels (very aggressive) in our maple tree. They are common to Maryland, but they did not last long here.

    We have been re-reading the works of Don Helder Camera, Bishop of Recife in northeast Brazil, whom Carol saw on those streets during very troubled times there (1960’s). He was a remarkable individual whose insights are still bearing fruit in Brazil and up through Central America. That vision for Latin America was to generate self-development through the dedicated work of young folk teaching “alphabetization”, cooperatives, etc, which I observed in Huehuetenango province of Northern Guatemala – also an area troubled by resistance and US supported oppression.

    Some of our recent readings on Pope Francis are challenging our Euro-centered and US centered views of the world helping us to see that the “poor” are more than objects of our aid, but, like your youth whole human beings who can carve out new ways being human.

    We encourage Project Hope and those efforts. Honduras always seemed like a most difficult area with the least reason for Hope. You are on a good path others are with you.

    Bob Broker

    Your stories offer

  2. Thank you Bob. The exciting part is that the children as well as adults that we work with inspire us and give more to us than we can possibly give to them. We have so much and their appreciation for what we do provides us with life’s gifts.

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