The Winter Solstice has come and gone.  The more significant day however is the December 26th.  That is the day that we get one more minute of sunlight daily.  On January 11th we pick up one and two minutes on alternating days.  Starting January 19th the sun shines two more minutes each day.


So let’s get started.  Start your spring plants from seed now.  On March 21st we get 12 hours and twelve minutes of sunlight.  For spring plantings that is more than enough sunlight.  In New England, we don’t traditionally plant on the 21st because the ground will still be frozen.  There is a correlation between low temperatures and slow germination and growth.

However with a Square Foot Garden and a simple plastic cover the temperatures get plenty warm.  In the Netherlands farmers / gardeners experience those cold temperatures however they heat giant greenhouses.  Because they are so far north, once the calendar midway point is registered, the daylight gain is quickly accelerated.  What I found out while on a bike tour there was that much of Europe’s produce comes from the Netherlands.

New Englanders can easily extend the growing season: One Square Foot at a Time.


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