Mel Bartholomew has 2 rules that are GREEN rules for Square Foot Gardens.


  1. Plants need sunlight.
  2. Put the garden close to the house so you can pay attention.

Cases in point:  I visited a school today that has beautiful; I mean beautiful raised bed gardens.  On the west side of the 5 gardens is a giant brick wall.  In front of the raised beds there is a large and very healthy deciduous tree.  Rule 1 is broken.  The second is that the small squares need to be located in an area near the house where you may notice that there are vegetables growing and ready to be picked.

Tonight on December 18th I harvested carrots for dinner and beets for tomorrow evenings roasted beet salad.  Good times!

I don’t always agree with Mel.  Those rules however are Green rules that cannot be ignored.  If those two rules are not feasible for you, don’t bother.


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