Monday December 1st Meeting Notes



       Sully Quaile, Theo Carr, Lea Concannon, Kerri Mannion, Peter Swanson, Natalie Gebhardt, Cam Baker, Max Giarrusso, Mr. Doerr, Austin Schilb, Miss Perkins, Sofia Siriani, Matt Bishop, Mike Saleski, Gianluca Nigro, Erin Lynch, Mrs. McPhillips, Mr. Swanson

Teach-In Feedback:

The seventh annual America Recycles Day school-wide “teach-in” on environmental issues (11/14/14) seemed to stir up mixed feelings on improvement from last year.  Some people said that the teach-in was not as informative as it could have been, but the student-taught lessons (from Gianluca Nigro, Davis Goode, Steven Kirk and Erin Lynch) seemed to have a positive impact; the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) assembly reached the entire freshman class; Mr. Clune’s presentation about energy conservation was a hit; and the presentations by Peter and Kathy Swanson to Spanish classes (about their work to promote sustainable agriculture in Honduras) was also particularly well receive .  One idea to get more teachers to participate was to have more presentations led by others, or to have a presentation in the auditorium for the whole school, similar to Student Council assemblies. Still, we’re pleased that more than 95% of teachers agreed to participate in some way, at least once during the day.

STT Update:

Boy’s Soccer won the fall season of Slash the Trash with only three penalty points!  Although two teams had no members show up to participate when it was their turn, most teams delivered a solid performance. In fact, the all-time record was set by the girls’ soccer team, then surpassed by the field hockey team, and finally surpassed again by the boys’ soccer team.  Theo Carr has volunteered to write an article on the correlation between the sports teams’ records on the fields, and their records in Slash the Trash.  Sully Quaile has volunteered to create the winter schedule for STT.  In addition, Student Council members have been monitoring the trash stations at random periods throughout the month to help in our efforts to make the school a greener place.  One idea that came up at the meeting was to have each class monitor the trash one day a week during a spirit week or green week as a competition.

Freshman/New Members:

There has been a significant lack of freshman at all the meetings this year, and one idea to resolve this problem was to email each freshman on the email list individually so see if they are still interested in the club.  Erin Lynch, Lea Concannon, Natalie Gebhardt, Gianluca Nigro, Cam Baker, Max Giarrusso, and Sully Quaile have all volunteered to take a portion of the email list to follow through with this.  Mike Saleski, Lea Concannon, Cam Baker, and Sully Quaile have also volunteered to bring some refreshments to the next meeting in order to coax in some new members.

Composting at Home:

Erin Lynch and Max Giarrusso are taking the lead on the composting at home competition.  The competition will take place over the course of two months (either March and April, or April and May), and will hopefully promote students to create their own home composting systems.  For the first month of the competition, students would submit a picture and short description their current way of home composting to our club website.  A winner will then be picked for the best system based on criteria to be determined.  The second month, students would take the systems they saw the previous month and implement them in their own home.  A second winner would then be picked for their new system.  Holly Hill Farm might be able to sponsor this event, and Janice McPhillips has volunteered to help arrange it.

Green Week:

Green Week will start on Friday, March 27th, and will run into the following week.  We will further discuss Greek Week at our next meeting in January.


Thanks to Kerri Mannion, our Green Team website is now live!  You can access it at this link:, or from the “Clubs and Activities” tab on the HHS website.  The website features a survey, through which you can win parking at the close lot.

Paper Recycling Update:

Many may have been wondering about the strange disappearance of the company that once collected the paper from HHS to be recycled.  It turns out the company was bought out, and it should be picking op our recycling again soon.

Local Trash Clean Ups:

This past Veteran’s Day, many members of the Green Team participated in a trash clean up at Foundry Pond.  This clean up was a huge success, and a ton of fun.  Gianluca Nigro will be planning future competitions at HHS to help clean up the fields surrounding our school.  The competition would involve students and teachers, and would involve collecting as much trash as possible in a given amount of time.

Middle School Partnership:

Lea Concannon will be taking a small group of students with an E-Block study to the middle school on three occasions during the next two weeks.  At the middle school, they would help educate the students on their recycling and composting system.

DPW Returnables Update:

Gianluca Nigro and Sully Quaile will be volunteering at the DPW on Saturday January 10th to help carry bags of recyclables.  This event will provide a good amount of money to help fund the Green Committee.

Outdoor Classroom:

Nick Iaria has been in the process of planning and building an outdoor classroom in the High School’s courtyard as a part of his Eagle Scout project.  After receiving over $500 dollars in donations to help fund his project, Nick will be starting work on the classroom as soon as possible.


Last year, a “Do One Thing” initiative was not as successful as it could have been, but this year we plan to change that.  This year the event will be “Do One Thing 2015” with the catchy slogan “Go Green – Win Green 2015!”  Each grade will have a section on the wall, and will have numbered DOTs so that they can be entered in a raffle.  Each month (or week) a student will be picked from each grade and will be awarded a cash prize on the Friday Show.  Gianluca Nigro, Sully Quaile, and Austin Schilb will be organizing this.


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