A few days ago I spent a good deal of time with Dr. Chrostoph Maywald, D.C. a chiropractor and friend.  He also specializes in sports therapy.  Several years ago he did several clinics for our tennis teams at Quincy High School.  The entire school couldn’t win much of anything on the athletic fields.  The student / athletes were so frantic to win that they forgot about playing each point, one at a time.  The next year after his training our team team qualified for the state tournament.

Dr. Maywald’s mind darts from one wellness area to others.  His life has been one of discovery and providing wellness.

He introduced me (the Square Foot Gardener) to “The Dirty Dozen”. This is a list of foods most commonly contaminated with pesticides.    http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART02985/Foods-You-Should-Always-Buy-Organic.html

In addition, we read about the super food kale and yet a 2008 test revealed that “some samples were contaminated with two organophosphates – chlorpyrifos and oxydemeton-methyl”.

Some fruits and vegetables metabolize chemicals more readily than others.  Therefore as you look at the list in the above URL, you will know what to eliminate from you non-organic shopping list.  The solution – spend a lot of money on organic or just grow it: 1 Square Foot at a Time.  

It is good to have doctors who look after their patients in a holistic manner.


The above photo is a typical SFG that you too can grow organically.


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