This is the season when the successful gardener gets going.


Spring is too late if you want to have productive compost for your crops.

There are two ways to break down organic material.  The first is chemically and the second physically.  Chemical decomposition is when microorganisms, insects and worms digest organic materials and turn them into castings.  The other is a physical break down where plants are shredded or frozen.  This causes the construction of the plant to physically change.

The photo above shows a row of large containers that are filled with plant material, household scrapes, leaves, shredded paper, horse manure, wood ash, compost with red wigglers and coffee grounds.

To make this kind of a compost bin, simply remove the bottom of the barrel or large pot and place it below ground level about twelve inches deep.  Then fill it up.  If the ground is frozen, just place it on top of the ground.  You can even put the container in a snow bank.

You will be amaze at what happens to the contents as spring approaches.  What will really shock you is when the vegetables grown in that area take over.

The time is now!  It is not too late.  Grow local.  It is not even Christmas and we can start thinking spring.


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