An article in the Sunday’s Boston Globe is titled; “New plan to spray pests riles organic farmers in Calif.”.


A summary:  Organic farmers in the U.S. are reporting double digit growth in sales each year.  Organic agriculture in California has grown 54% from 2009 to 2012.  The State wants to mandate compulsory state pesticide spraying of organic crops.  The State’s document lays out a plan to control a new wave of pests and fungus.

Organic farmers are very concerned.

Organic farming is hard work and scientific.  Hello, bend over and pull a weed.  Use and develop natural products to control pests.  A Mexican grower of Gerbera Daises told Kathy and me that 90% of the controls they use in their greenhouse are with garlic extract.  He also said that many of the pests that they use to spray for are not a threat to the plants or the environment so they leave them alone.

Sad to say I don’t really trust big business or lobbied government officials.  If you would like to control what you and your family eat there is a solution; Square Foot Gardening.  We live in New England and we harvest from early April until December.

We can all do this, One Square Foot at a Time.


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