Kathy and I were in Florida for a wedding.  While we were there we had a chance to visit with several mission board members of the Naples United Church of Christ.  We were there in part to ask them for some support for CEVER a vocational school that we work with in Yoro, Honduras.

We didn’t know what to expect however the board members at Honduras Hope thought that it would be good for us to get to know them.  We were most impressed with the five members of the board that met with us.  However, even as impressive is the financial and moral support that the organization provides for very worthy projects in the U.S. as well as in foreign countries.


And, what does this have to do with Square Foot Gardening?  I told them a little bit about the Square Foot Gardening project that we are doing in Yoro.  The members suggested that we investigate ECHO an organization in Fort Myers.  http://echonet.org/  My head has been spinning ever since I clicked onto their webpage.  There are at least fifty things that I want to try here and in Yoro.  You must at least take a look.  The properties of some of the plants that they grow are worth investigating.  I am totally inspired.  I think you will be too.


2 thoughts on “ECHO and NUCC – There Is Hope

  1. So glad you were very inspired! Lots of good works eminate from this area . Many do care about the less fortunate both in the US and in other countries- and they put their caring into action- as you and Kathy do. So in addition to the great time we hoped you had at wedding celebrations, you learned alot too. That made the trip very worthwhile , I think. Loved having you share in these happy occasions. May we be granted the blessing of good health to continue to make and share joyous times together . Love you both. Mad and Bob

    1. Mad, Yes it was a good trip. I am inspired by those that we met. And the wedding was wonderful. This time I had the Dancing Queen with me.

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