The Hingham High Green Team continues to impress me with their strong commitment to the environment and their community.   The following notes are from Tuesday’s meeting.

Tuesday November 4th Meeting Notes

Sneaker Drive:

We collected over 1,300 pairs of shoes, 350 of which were sent to West Africa, and the remainder were donated to local charities.   Although we lost to Whitman-Hansen, by competing we collect more than twice as many shoes as we would have otherwise.

Website Update:

Kerri Mannion is still working hard on the website, it could possibly be open to the public on America Recycles Day.  Some tabs on the webpage will include a description of our club, meeting notes, STT schedule, sponsors, photos, and possible a page for teach ins.  The website will be accessible from the HHS website.

America Recycles Day:

       America Recycles Day is Saturday November 15th, but we will be celebrating it in school on Friday the 14th.  We will be playing a roughly 45 minute moving during one of the periods.  In addition, we will encourage teachers to base their lessons on the environment as we did last year.  We will be looking for Green Team members to volunteer to make a short presentation to show to different classes during your study.  If you are interested email Mr. Swanson with your topic and what period you have study.

Steven Kirk will be working on planning a trash mob, we are open to ideas of a new location this year.  Max Giarrusso and Gianluca Nigro will be planning another trash mob for the pep rally.  It will possibly be some sort of competition between classes or teams.  Natalie Gebhardt, Lily Fernald, and Garret will be planning a “green” oriented Friday Show to be aired on ARD.

We are also looking for any other ideas to get more students involved, so if you have any don’t hesitate to share!

South School (Mrs.Bias):

South School currently has 4 raised garden beds and a “pizza wheel” style bed.  They have compost bins, but they are often neglected as no one know what to do with them.  Mrs. Bias, the president of the PTO, is looking for Green Team members to mentor on Saturdays, or during a study.  Gianluca Nigro, Davis Goode, Theo Carr, and Max Giarrusso have volunteered to help with this.  In addition, Gianluca Nigro, and Davis Goode have volunteered to produce a virtual tour of our green house and our composting system to show to other students at the elementary schools.

Middle School:

Marcus and Griffin have volunteered to help monitor lunches at the middle school, and help with their recycling system.

Thanking Businesses:

Local businesses re constantly donating and supporting the Green Team, and previously we have only thanked them with written cards, and a little publicity.  We want to improve our relations with these businesses and show them just how much their support means to us.  Steven Kirk and Mr. P Swanson will be working together to take and frame pictures to post in the businesses’ venue.  We will also look for a column in the Hingham Journal which we will post a weekly article in, of either the “greenest” business or thanking a sponsor.

Community Service:

Mrs. Black has gotten us the position to collect the deposits from returnable at the dump to help fund our club.  In return for this, the town has requested that we complete some community service.  Either this weekend or on Veteran’s Day we will be clearing trails around Foundry Pond.  If we do not get enough volunteers from the Green Team, Davis Goode has volunteered to introduce this opportunity to NHS for community service hours.

Green House Update:

Nick Iaria has receive the opportunity to build an outdoor classroom near the green house as a part of his Eagle Scout project.  This project will have a great impact on our school, but it will also be very costly. In the end it should take between $700 and $800, so Nick is currently looking for donations from the community and from businesses.

Holly Hill Farm Work Party:
On Saturday the 15th, Holly Hill Farm will be looking for volunteers to help out at the farm between 9 and 12am.  Contact Mrs. McPhillips for more information if you are interested.

T Shirts:

T-Shirts will be available soon, stay tuned to the Facebook page for designs and more information.

Wier River Water Shed:

Theo Carr is leading a team in monitoring the water levels of the Wier River.  On November 12th at 7pm there will be a discussion with the WRWSA on the recent drought.

See you at the next meeting!


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