Today I worked with the students at Point Webster Middle School in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Students were responsive and on task for the entire 45 minutes.  The eighth grade students were doing a lab that I use to do with my 10th grade high school biology students.  The bottle biology exercise is a composting project.

compost bottle (2)Compost balanceworm balance

The skills we enjoyed doing were:

  1. Mastering the triple beam balance. 2. Measuring for volume and displacement. 3. Learning about the difference between mass and weight in grams. 4. Completing data sheets which will be put onto an excel sheet. 5. Learning all about “green” and what can be decomposed. 6. Collecting red wiggler worms to put in the bottles. The red wigglers will digest the green materials and speed up the rate of composting.

Here are a few of the responses as the students left the classroom. “That was a great class.” “I had a good time today.” “Thank you for coming to our class.” “I am a scientist.”

Hey kids, I had a fantastic time as well.  You were wonderful.

My opportunity today was to work with great children and an outstanding science teacher.


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