The Massachusetts EPA gave the children of Randolph Middle School some equipment to begin a school composting project.  Students were very helpful unloading our car that was filled with equipment from the EPA.  (We want to thank Ann McGovern for providing us with the materials.)

RepaEquipment Rcomposter,jpg

When the class began the students worked on a Bottle Biology composting project.  Students really got into measuring volume, mass and finding red wiggler worms.  Time passed quickly and we hadn’t begun to assemble the large composters that were given to the school by the EPA.

I asked three available students to help me assemble the large plastic composters.  I realized that the assembly wasn’t as easy as I thought or had planned.  Being a bite anxious wasn’t helping the situation because I wanted to be sure that we got the large composters in place before I left for the day.

Pressed into action three very adapt middle school students took over.  I made a mistake on one of the panels and would have left it that way but two of the students insisted that it wasn’t a problem and readjusted the configuration in just a couple of minutes.

The students that I was working with are English Language Learners.  Although they are spending a lot of time in school learning English there is no shortage of intelligence, enthusiasm or willingness when it comes to applied science.

The entire class went outside and positioned the first of two compost bins in place.  Next they partially filled the container with leaves.  They also found some rocks to anchor it.

We didn’t start assembling the second composter.  I am confident that when I stop by next week the mission will have been accomplished.  The students have made me a believer.  Their contributions will help them move forward with confidence. Randolph Community Middle School and Ms. Flaherty’s classroom is a good place to be.


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