Just be ready.  A teacher who does Square Foot Gardening with her students said today that she has looked at the 10 day forecast and everything is good regarding frost for the next week.


Reflect for a minute on all the hard work you put into that garden ANNNDDDDD be ready.

The beauty of SFGs is that covering is relative easy.  We harvest until the middle of December and beyond.  This is a way to eat fresh, nutritious with no chemicals or pesticides.  Stay healthy!


2 thoughts on “Frost

  1. I’d love to see my school district do something like this. How did you get this started? How much interest was there? My youngest is a junior and in FFA (Future Farmers of America), but she said no one would be interested in high school. I wonder if it would be easier to start with grade school (K-4) or middle school (5-6). We live in a “bedroom community” which is another way to say a suburb of Dallas. Many kids here have never seen food grown. They could use the produce in the school kitchen or donate to the local food bank. Any tips on proposing the idea to the school district would be much appreciated.

  2. Check out my blog on the schools in New York City. You might start at home. I did. I use to teach science at a high School in Quincy, Massachusetts. I retired and know the power of teaching science through application. I now volunteer in middle schools and in Honduras. I re-blogged an article yesterday, sharing the benefits of teaching horticulture in schools. As department chair of science, I developed the curriculum for horticulture (program of studies). I can send you a copy if you would like. You wouldn’t believe the enthusiasm of the students, especially those who have trouble when teachers teach through solely through theory. Schools in New York are growing on rooftops. In Dallas it would cool the buildings in the summer and insulate as well in the winter.

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